[Snack $10] [Lotte] Pepero Each 32g - 50g $10 Promotion

[Snack $10] [Lotte] Pepero Each 32g - 50g $10 Promotion

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Pepero is snack manufactured by Lotte Confectionery in South Korea since 1983. The snack is cookies sticks dipped in chocolate syrup.

PEPERO Almond 32g (Halal) - Savor the combination of smooth dark chocolate and crushed almond nuts on the go – our best selling biscuit stick!

PEPERO Choco 47g - Who doesn’t fancy the good ‘ol traditional chocolate-coated biscuit sticks? Hands up if you eat two sticks at one time like us!

PEPERO Nude 50g - Smooth creamy chocolate surprise wrapped in crispy biscuit stick, now you can enjoy chocolate without the mess!

PEPERO Peanut - Love peanuts? Lotte Pepero Peanut gives you the best of both worlds with a combination of dark chocolate and peanut bits!

PEPERO White Cookie 32g (Halal) - Enjoy cookie and cream on the go? These white cookie sticks will definitely leave you wanting more! Crispy biscuit sticks covered with white chocolate and cookie crumbs – one stick is never enough!

PEPERO Choco Cookie 32g - Love our PEPERO White Cookie? Then you’ll definitely love the all new PEPERO Choco Cookie – crispy biscuit sticks covered with dark chocolate and cookie crumbs.

PEPERO Skinny 46g - Crispier biscuit sticks covered with smooth dark chocolate.

PEPERO Coconut & Chocolate - Who say’s Chocolate and Coconut don’t go together haven’t tried the all new PEPERO Coconut!