[Garfield Cafe] Garfield Carnival Ticket + Full Meal Set [Early Bird Sales]

[Garfield Cafe] Garfield Carnival Ticket + Full Meal Set [Early Bird Sales]

  • $49.90

Choice of Drinks: 

World Coffee

World Tea

  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Assam Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Japan Green Sencha
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Japan Genmaicha
  • Roobois Tea
  • Honey Bush Tea
  • Chamomile Flower
  • Ginger
  • Hibiscus Flower
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Lemongrass
  • Mulberry Leaf
  • Moringa Leaf
  • Osmanthus Flower
  • Peppermint Leaf
  • Rose Bud Pink
  • Berry Berry
  • Bella Coola
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Detox Tea
  • Relax Tea
  • Slimming Tea
  • Beauty Tea
  • Digestion Tea
  • Immuse Tea
  • 3 High Tea
  • Pomegranate Vanila Lemur
  • Kyoto Cherry Rose
  • Peach Apricot Tea
  • Vanila Chai Tea
  • Belgian Chocolate Tea
  • Blueberry Tea
  • Long Island Strawberry

World Honey

Choice of Set:

Set A

Crunchy Nuts Baked Rice 

1 Pcs Crispy Prawn Cutlet
Sauteed Celery with Mushrooms and Bell Peppers 

Oven Roasted Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce

Set B

Garlic Butter Rice w Black Olive 

2 Pcs Pumpkin Croquette 

Sunshine Egg 

Thai Style Roasted Skinless Chicken Chop 

Set C

Italian Fusilli Pasta with Neapolitan Sauce 

Seared Dory Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce 

Buttered Baby Carrot 

2 Pcs Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets 

Set D

Baked Butter Rice w Assorted Hams & Fried Shallot 

Sicilian Fish Stew topped with Black Olives 

Buttered Broccoli & Carrots 

2 Pcs Breaded Scallop with Pesto Cream Dip X0

Set E

Garlic Butter Rice w Black Olive & Walnuts 

Black Pepper Diced Chicken 

Baked Bean with Tomato 

3 Pcs Breaded Fish Nugget Stick 

Set F – Vegetarian

Spaghetti Pasta with Neapolitan Sauce 

Buttered Broccoli with Carrots 

Deep Fried Potato Wedges 

Golden Hash Brown – 


The first ever Garfield Carnival Singapore is here to celebrate Garfield’s 40th Birthday Bash! Garfield will celebrate his 40th birthday this coming June with a weekend of carnival and a fun run. All of you are invited to join Garfield for an awesome birthday celebration. Be treated to a line-up of entertainment, attractions, and carnival game kiosks where you stand to win exclusive Garfield 40th Birthday Bash prizes as well as life-size Garfield photo booths.

Early Bird SALES Now!!

Usual Price will be $70.90 and now selling at $49.90 only.

This full meal set will be available at Garfield Cafe during the Garfield Carnival which will be held at Palawan Green Sentosa. It will come with a main dish, a cup of drink and a 40th Birthday Bash Limited Edition Lunch Box with Tumbler.

For more details on the Garfield Carnival, please visit:


* Carnival Ticket will be required to enter Garfield Carnival.

** Picture is for illustration purpose only.

***Select your food & drink only during GARFIELD CARNIVAL EVENT

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